It is important to Riverside Community Council to be able to disseminate information to as many of our community as possible and we are conscious that digital communication is not accessible to everyone.

It is our plan to fund and install new noticeboards around Riverside.

We have applied to the Community Pride Fund to fund these noticeboards.  The budget would be £1.5k if the full amount was awarded to us and we should find out if we have been successful in the middle of February.

At our October Community Council meeting we discussed the preferred location for these boards and at the entrance to Riverside at Seaforth Place and at Lovers Walk would be the priority with another at the bridge to Cambuskenneth is the budget would allow.

We investigated option to install boards matching the new noticeboard at the pontoon which was found to be prohibitively expensive.

A suggestion was then made to have noticeboards made for the area and after a meeting with Tipt from The Men's Shed we are exploring the possibility of getting older noticeboards reconditioned for our use.

If there is anything you would like at add to our current noticeboard - for example an event or group, please e-mail us here.