Teamed with Riverside Naturally, Riverside Community Council are looking into ways to enhance the green spaces at entrance to Riverside including the junction of Seaforth Place, Forth Place, Forthview, Forth Street and Forth Crescent from Stirling town centre.


The key areas we are looking into are:

  • to improve accessibility

  • make the space a nice place to pause when walking around Riverside or to the city centre

  • animate the area with playful features for all ages

  • improve biodiversity and sensory experience

  • create a safe area that is people-friendly

  • create a sense of arrival into Riverside

After meeting with a local architect we applied and were successful in receiving funding from Paths For All to enlist the architect to  develop a concept proposal, arrange a survey and run a public consultation.


It is important to note that this is in the very first stages of development, nothing has been decided upon and arranged and a full community consultation is a priority.