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Living advent Windows

Riverside advent Calendar.png

Riverside Living Advent Calendar started in 2016 with a small group of people were inspired to decorate their windows and bring some more festive cheer to Riverside.

Over the years it has grown with the windows being revealed right up until the New Year a with many days having multiple windows lit up.


Riverside has three defibrillators that serve the area, at the Riverbank Centre, Riverside Primary School and the dentist surgery. 

No funding is given to the Riverside to maintain these life saving pieces of equipment and fundraising to keep them fully functional and ready for action is essential and next year they will need new batteries which is a large expense of approximately £720.

This year participants will be encouraged to donate a suggested £5 to support these vital pieces of equipment. and if anyone else would like to contribute to these vital pieces of equipment you can do so here.

We wish you a bright and merry
festive period.  

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