Active travel and sustainable transport

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A message from Ashleigh


I'm Ashleigh,


A member of the Riverside Community Council and currently I'm responsible for the Active Travel Subgroup. If you don't know me, you may have seen me around the neighbourhood in a big cargo trike with two very noisy little boys inside the box. 

If you're still happy to be involved with our activities then keep reading! If not, pop me an email and let me know and I'll take you off the list :)


Summer is here and hopefully this will mean more people choosing Active Travel in and around Riverside. There is a huge list of things we need to see changed in Riverside in order to make Active Travel a better option for everyone, and I need to take this moment to thank Di for her hard work on the Active Travel Survey. We have a great list of things to start dreaming about and working on.  


I'd be interested to hear if anyone has a particular bugbear/passion that they are very keen to get working on? You wouldn't necessarily be volunteering to lead a project or anything, but I'd be interested to hear what you are all thinking so we can decide which things to get started on first. There's enough to keep us busy for some time, and we might as well start with the things we all feel the most strongly about. 


Some of the things that have been brought up to the community council recently are the following:


1) People are concerned about the 20mph speed limit not being adhered to (Hot spots are Forth Road, Dean Crescent, Miller Place, Shore Road and Sutherland Avenue). Obviously this impacts Active Travel as people will feel safer to walk, wheel and cycle if cars are moving slower. Di and I have discussed the possibility of a campaign to raise awareness. I've written a rough draft of an article we'll host on the RCC website (attached for comments), and we've briefly considered the idea of stickers on the sides of bins, so that at least one day a week people are reminded of the 20mph limit. Any thoughts on this? 


2) Stirling Council has approached the RCC about the potential permanent closure of Lovers Walk to create an Active Travel corridor in and out of Riverside (The RCC has basically put the ball back in SC's court, as they will need to do a consultation). The current shared path next to the road is pretty abysmal, so this might be a very good thing. Any thoughts on this? 


3) The RCC is trying to get a pedestrian crossing installed over Forth Road at the junction with Shore road and Forth Crescent. Currently a nightmare to cross! At least Stirling Council just installed some bollards to prevent pavement parking there, so visibility is slightly improved. 


4) Parking: There is a separate subgroup for parking related issues, but some of them overlap with Active travel issues, such as pavement parking. The Scottish pavement parking ban is due to come into effect next year sometime, so hopefully pavement parking will be reduced once that happens. Any ideas of how to tackle it until then? Also parking around the school is being looked at, and the School Streets closures may make a difference here. If you haven't yet filled out the follow up survey after the 3 day trial then you can do it here:


I'll wrap it up here so that this email doesn't get any longer! I'd love to hear back from everyone about what things you'd like to see us start to tackle and then we can chat further about next steps.


Kind regards


Travel-LiGHT Project

We are pleased to announce that our Travel-Light Project has been completed.


Riverside Community Council's Active Travel and Sustainable Travel group applied for, and were successful in securing funding from Path's For All Smarter Choices, Smarter Places.  

At the end of July we completed and submitted our findings after achieving our objectives:

  • Monitor and report gaseous pollutant levels

  • Undertake a local survey of residents

  • Make Lovers' Walk safer and more attractive for Active Travel

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions we made the decision to cancel our planned Active Travel day.  In it's place we undertook a Disability Audit of some of the main streets in Riverside.

Riverside Active Travel Survey Report

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Riverside older people's survey report

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Riverside disability access report

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next step...

Our next step will be to use this information and develop an Active Travel Plan for Riverside, allowing us to plan our current and future projects based on what our community has told us.


This will involve forming a short term working group, consisting of members of other sub groups, including the Parking Group and the Riverside Gateway group, other interested parties, eg, Stirling Council and Riverside Primary school, and as many members of our community that would like to have a say in moving towards more Active Travel in Riverside.

We are really looking forward to this next stage and if you would like to be part of this new group, please let us know here.




Due to COVID restrictions our meetings are currently postponed.

minutes & information

Why 20mph?

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Travel light update

april 2021

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Sub Group Update 

March 2021

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February 2020

Meeting Minutes

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Issue Table

Oct 2019

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August 2019

Meeting Minutes

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September 2019 Meeting Minutes

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travel light Update

august 2020

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october 2019

Meeting Minutes

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November 2019

Meeting Minutes

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Due to COVID our Active Travel Day has been postponed.

Keeping ourselves active is something that is very important to us so if you have any ideas you'd lie to share to help us encourage and support people power during this unprecedented time, please get in touch!

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local partners

It is important to us to work with partners within Riverside and those who use, work and enjoy Riverside.

We've been working with Wallace High and Riverside Primary School to find out about the challenges and suggestions they may have.  We also welcomed some of the primary's Road Safely Officers to our drop in to get their comments about their travel experiences in Riverside.

Enjoy some of Riverside Primary School's pupils fantastic suggestions for Lover's Walk.