Active travel and sustainable transport

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This group focuses on people powered travel and are looking at ways to encourage and improve the safe, active and sustainable transport in the Riverside Area.


Our initial goal is to identify and investigate travel issues and propose ways to resolve them with the hope of improving the quality of life for those who, live, work in, and visit Riverside. 


Ideally this will all contribute to reducing congestion and pollution, improving health and the public realm.

Your support is vital to our success - you can join the group by emailing us here, follow our progress here, and share your opinions here.

Travel-LiGHT Project


Riverside Community Council's Active Travel and Sustainable Travel group applied for, and were successful in securing funding from Path's For All Smarter Choices, Smarter Places.  

Our Travel Light projects plans to:

  • Deliver an Active Travel Drop In Event 

  • Monitor and report gaseous pollutant levels

  • Undertake a local survey of residents

  • Make Lovers' Walk safer and more attractive for Active Travel

Active Travel Survey

Thank you to all who took part in our Active Travel Survey.

We had many very positive comments, and suggestions of improvements that could be made to help more people to get around, and in and out of Riverside by leaving the car behind.

The survey is part of the community council’s ‘Travel-light Riverside’ Project, which aims to identify any issues with Active Travel and transport in Riverside, and suggest ways to tackle these. Finding solutions to these issues will improve the quality of life for those who live, work in, and visit Riverside by reducing congestion and pollution, improving health, and enhancing our public spaces.

The survey may have concluded but we are still very keen to hear about your experiences of traveling in and out of Riverside.  Please get in touch here if you would like to share your thoughts.



Due to COVID restrictions our meetings are currently postponed.

minutes & information

Sub Group Update 

March 2021

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Travel light update

april 2021

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February 2020

Meeting Minutes

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Issue Table

Oct 2019

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August 2019

Meeting Minutes

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September 2019 Meeting Minutes

travel light Update

august 2020

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october 2019

Meeting Minutes

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November 2019

Meeting Minutes

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Due to COVID our Active Travel Day has been postponed.

Keeping ourselves active is something that is very important to us so if you have any ideas you'd lie to share to help us encourage and support people power during this unprecedented time, please get in touch!

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local partners

It is important to us to work with partners within Riverside and those who use, work and enjoy Riverside.

We've been working with Wallace High and Riverside Primary School to find out about the challenges and suggestions they may have.  We also welcomed some of the primary's Road Safely Officers to our drop in to get their comments about their travel experiences in Riverside.

Enjoy some of Riverside Primary School's pupils fantastic suggestions for Lover's Walk.