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Parking is an ongoing issue that has caused much discussion in Riverside.

Over the past few years we have gathered people's thought, complaints and solutions and these will be reflected in our ongoing discussions with all involved parties.  It is our aim to resolve these matters to ensure the safety of children traveling to and from school, to stop the dangerous and illegal parking in our area and to make Riverside a happier and healthier place for those who live here.

A steering group including representatives of Riverside Community Council, community residents, Riverside Primary School, local businesses, Stirling Council and Living Streets has been formed.   


We are very pleased to announce that a grant of £34K has been awarded to Stirling Council by Paths for All . This money will be spent on consultation in Riverside with Living Streets and some experimental temporary measures to try to alleviate the difficulties which have been reported.

If you would like to join the group or share your thoughts on these matters, please email us here.

Living Streets Scotland held a trial school streets closure at the end of March and are now looking for feedback on this trail.  You can complete the survey here.  The information gathered will be used to make recommendations for Living Streets and Stirling Council to take forward.


You can visit the Living Street's website for more information on their work to achieve a better walking environment and inspire people to walk more.

You can find the first survey results here.

You can find the School Streets Trial Closure report here.

Living Streets also conducted a travel count of Forth Street during school drop off times and you can find the results here


A little bit of history...

Riverside has two main issues regarding parking:  commuter parking and parking around the school. 

In 2019 Stirling Council held a consultation regarding introducing a Controlled Parking Zone on some of the streets.  At this time the Community Council suggested to Stirling Council that their proposed solutions were not acceptable for Riverside residents and further consultation and discussion was necessary to allow an appropriate solution to be recognised.

Whilst waiting for further Stirling Council input Riverside Community Council started an Active Travel and Sustainable Transport group.  The group received a grant of £4k which allowed them to undertake a community wide survey about active travel which highlighted many issues with parking, amongst other things, around this area.  This included talking to the Junior Road Safety Officers at Riverside Primary School to understand their perspective when travelling around Riverside.  You can find a table of identified issues here.

During 2020 the COVID restrictions Sustrans offered Spaces For People funding for temporary measures to be put in place in high traffic pedestrian areas to make socially distancing easier.  After discussion, it was decided that extending the pavements around the school would make our parking problem worse and a better, more long term solution was needed.

In 2021 our Active Travel surveys were completed, including a disability access audit, which highlighted further parking issues which seriously restrict accessibility around Riverside.

Air pollutions surveys were also undertaken due to the increasing issue of idling engines, particularly around the school.

You can find our Active Travel reports here.

In June 2021 our parking group met with representation from our community and Riverside Primary School.  It was a very productive meeting with problems identified and solutions and these were given to Stirling Council, and more recently, Living Streets to review. You can read them below.

As a result of this meeting a further meeting was held in July with additional representation of Stirling Council.  It was announced that a grant of £34k had been awarded to Stirling Council that would support further consultation and the implementation of parking solutions for Riverside in partnership with Living Streets. 

Stirling Council has convened a steering group and the first meeting was held in November 2021, discussing the previous research undertaken and the next step forward.


Further discussions were held between Stirling Council and Living Streets.  This has led to the proposal of a three day, part time street closure around Riverside Primary School.

In January 2022 a representative of Living Streets attended a community council meeting to discuss the next step of the project.

A little bit of history


meeting minutes

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Parking Meeting

22nd February 2022

Parking Meeting

30th November 2021

Parking Meeting

13th July 2021

Parking Meeting

9th June 2021

Log of

Parking Issues


Further Information

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School Streets


Stirling Council

Parking Policy 2018

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Research Report

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