community council

We'd like to be an organisation that: 

  • Acts as a bridge between citizens and public authorities

  • Works at a local level, open to all citizens to attend meetings and take part in public deliberation

  • Consists of people who volunteer, to help address issues on behalf of their local community.

  • As with other democratic institutions, works more democratically when interest and awareness and voting turnout are higher

  • Enables people to engage in political decision making and current issues, without having party politics as a basis for contribution.

  • Is a way for people with little experience of politics to get involved.

Community Council members


I'm Joan and I have lived in Riverside since 1977 and together with my husband, Danny, have brought up our 4 children here.


We now have 5 grandchildren who love coming here every week.

Riverside is a wonderful place to live – as well as being a beautiful location, it’s full of kind and thoughtful people.


I am the Chair of Riverside Community Council and I really enjoy being part of the Community Council team who are all working together with a sense of fun to enrich the community.

I want to see improvements in the parking situation, safety on the roads and pavements and better park facilities. I also want to see lots of enjoyable community events.

Emily McLaughlin

I'm Emily - I have been part of a book group for 11 years but my other passion is board games and I currently have over ninety of them.

It is important to me that the community is something everyone feels part of, that people have access to information and get to have a say about the things that matter to them.

Emily is the Secretary

Hi! I’m Fiona Berrow and I’m the treasurer for Riverside Community Council.


I have lived in Riverside for almost 6 years. I love the sense of community and the fact that I can walk, cycle or get the train to pretty much everywhere that I need to go.


I am a teacher in a nearby primary school and enjoy being outdoors, spending time with my family and baking. 


The Riverside area is a wonderful location, so close to the Town and rail networks it provides a wonderful contrast. There’s a real community feel and lots going on to participate in.

I am keen to build on existing networks and developing further community participation in deciding on safer roads, environment and engagement.

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carol robertson

I’m Sue Dumbleton, Vice Chair of the Community Council.


I’ve lived in Riverside since 1986 and in all those years have enjoyed the many benefits of calling it home. 


I see my role on the Community Council as a way of trying to make Riverside as good a place to live as it has been for me.  I’m interested in how it can be made safer for people, especially children, to walk about or play in the area.


I’m keen to see the natural environment enhanced and to develop opportunities for people to get out and about.

Alison swanson

I'm Alison - I have an allotment and volunteer in environmental and food related projects.  I also enjoy walking dogs, especially 'oodles.

I want to see a visible community council in place that encourages all types of people to participate.  I want there to be positive opportunities to shape the place where we live.

Alison is responsible for Licencing and Planning.




fiona berrow

Associate members

Riverside Community Council is privileged to be supported by our associate members who help us with their expertise.

Di Alderdice - Active and Sustainable Travel

Phil Boydell - Community Resilience

Fiona Dyet - Defibrillators

David Sherman - Communications

Andrew Fraser - Roads and Planning

Past Members - thank you

Riverside Community Council would like to say an enormous thank you to Isabella Gorska who has been a member of the community council for many years.  We are very sad to see her go and appreciate all the hard work, time and knowledge she has given to Riverside over the years.

Riverside Community Council wants to say a huge thank you to Ian Boa for working with us during our first year and taking on the position of treasurer and being a valuable voice and great support to us all.