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Community Council nominations to be submitted by 4pm, Monday April 17th 2023

Community Council Elections

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Road Safety


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Clean Up Hub

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Community Christmas


What is going on?

This is an election year for Community Council's in Stirling, which means the current community council stands down and nominations are accepted for a new group of residents to become your community council.  Existing members may seek nomination and new members will be welcomed.

Riverside Community Council will be reformed if 7-9 community members are nominated.  If there are less than seven the council will be no longer be in operation.  If more than nine nominations are received a ballot will be held and the community will decide who forms your new community council.

When does this happen?

Stirling Council has published a full timetable with the periods set out for nominations.


This is a great opportunity to get involved and join the team - some current members will not be seeking nomination and new community councillors will be welcomed.

Public Notification of Election - Monday 3rd April 2023

Nominations Submitted - Monday 17th April 2023 by 4pm

Nominations to be withdrawn - Tuesday 18th April 2023

Arrange Inaugural Meeting (Where no ballot needed) - From Monday 24th April 2023

Issue of Ballot Papers - W/C 19th May 2023

Counting of Ballots - Monday 19th June 2023 - Thursday 28th June 2023

Publication of Results - Thursday 28th June 2023

Arrange Inaugural Meetings - From 3rd June 2023

what is riverside community council?

Riverside Community Council is voluntary organisation run by local residents to act as a bridge between residents and public authorities.


We represent local people, voice people's views on important decisions which affect them and work with others to improve services.


Community Councils are made up of people who care about their communities and want to make their area a better place to live.

To be a Community Councillor you need to be:

  • over 16 years of age; and

  • on the electoral register for the area you wish to represent; and

  • living in the Community Council area you wish to represent.

  • have approx. 5hrs free a month to attend meetings and work on projects.

the best way to find out more about the elections and riverside community council is to get in touch with us!

we look forward to hearing from you.

'I've loved being part of Riverside Community Council - it's been great to be involved in so many wonderful events and meeting so many fantastic Riversiders." Emily, Secretary

"I joined the CC because I'd had the benefit of living here for a long time and I wanted to make a contribution to what makes Riverside such a good place to call home." Sue, Vice Chair


Fairy Doors

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Lovers Walk


The Green, Forth Place

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