Through Stirling Councils Participatory Budget scheme the Lovers Walk proposal was awarded £10,000 towards a clean up and general improvement of the area.  


It is the aim of this group is to identify how Lovers Walk can be enhanced with this money and also what other issues need addressed and how we can make this happen.


Here you will find a table of issues, minutes of our previous meetings and detail of upcoming events.

Work has been started to improve this area.  Find our more here.

Fences need repaired.
Pavements in need of repair.
Area needs to be made safe.
Lovers Walk.jpeg
Pigeons roosting causes unsanitary conditions.
Road Markings and signs are unclear.
Fences are unsightly and in disrepair.


Due to the COVID restrictions work being undertaken in Lovers Walk has been delayed and is ongoing.
Lighting has been installed under the railway bridge.
Foliage has been cut back on the riverbank.
Network Rail has been contacted to address the constant dripping.  As a result this pathway has been added to pur priority gritting list.
Network Rail is contacted immediately any graffiti is reported.
The Blacksmith is shortly about to fix some of the worst sections of the broken and dangerous fences.
The fences will be painted later in the year when the weather allows.
Foliage has been cut back.
Pillar lighting has been installed
Signs are visible.
Dripping leak has been reported to 
Network Rail.
Graffiti is reported to Network Rail.
Visibility is an issue that has been
commented on by the community.

Minutes & Documents

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January 2020

November 2019

october 2019

 september 2019

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suggestion table

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suggested Shared Path Plan

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suggested Shared Path Plan (detailed)